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EL Electronic Lockers


Overview Electronic Lockers


Our galvanized steel Electronic Lockers are highly durable, with a robust construction that can outlast even the harshest high traffic and weather conditions. They provide a fully automatic and easy management system. Lockers can be hired by pincode or RFID.


This makes them most ideal for theme and water parks, ski centres, zoos and more. Their versatility and multiple features provide the ultimate solution in safeguarding customers belongings, with very low maintenance or upkeep necessary.


Having experience in over 7 countries with leading themeparks in Europe we have created the perfect system for leisure parks over the years.


Features Electronic Locker System:


  • Easy management
  • Fully automatic Eurolockers system
  • Long lifespan, +- 10 year or more, even under harsh weather conditions
  • Full money auditing, export options for further data analysis (on and offline)
  • Full Occupancy tracking, see the peaks to adjust your locker sizes.
  • Available in several colors
  • Ongoing backend development and updates
  • Modular – add electronic lockers with ease to increase capacity
  • Unique data generating software possibilities
  • Easy access to lockers with self-generated pin
  • Coin operated (credit card, banknotes or RFID system optional)
  • Parameter adjustment possible (pricing!)
  • Modular design, low maintenance, quick repair
  • Carefree and profitable

Electronic Locker Options


General Electronic Locker Options:

  • Bar Code Paid Locker Access
  • RFID access uses wristbands, cards or keytags
  • Fully electronic access – Hire by pincode
  • Personal Branding (i.e integrate logo and custom backgrounds on the locker hiring screens)
  • Integration services


Electronic Locker Terminal Payment Options:

  • Coin payment
  • Credit-card payment
  • Token Payment
  • Pin Payment
  • Rfid Payment

Revenue Models Electronic Lockers


Direct Sales

For venues that are considering offering the locker service for free or who wish to have complete control of the management of the lockers, we also provide a direct sales option.


Revenue Share Models

Eurolockers offers a risk-free revenue share model for venues where we place the lockers for free.

  •  We train your employees in handling the lockers
  •  We take care of the maintenance
  •  We offer 24/7 customer support
  •  We share the revenue
  •  We finance the lockers and install them on location at no cost


By working with Eurolockers you create a safer and more user friendly environment for your customer. Your clients will be better able to relax without the worry of losing personal belongings. In addition to the added customer benefits, you will be generating an additional revenue stream for your location.



Sizes Electronic Lockers


Dimensions are  H x W x D (mm)

Standard 10 Door Locker Module –  1925 x 750 x 500

Standard 6 Door Locker Module – 1925 x 1000 x 500

Standard Locker Terminal – 1925 x 500 x 500



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