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Waterpark Lockers


Overview Waterpark Locker Solutions


Having a storage solution for a waterpark is crucial and Eurolockers has experience with a range of waterparks. For waterparks we offer the following locker solutions:


Standard Lockers:

Your Waterpark might be opting for our standard locker solution by use of keys (possibly with coin payment).


Advanced Locker Sytems:

Our RFID and electronic access locker technology  allows your waterpark to become an easy automated system for day-long storage of belongings.  Waterpark visitors pay for the use of the locker and can retrieve belongings all day, without worry of losing keys, clothing or personal affects. Facility owners can reset the lockers if needed and easily take out the earnings.  This means less work for faculty and employees, less likelihood of theft and overall a much safer and more convenient waterpark.


  • Electronic pin access – Your waterpark may opt in to use our electronic pin-code access on the lockers, meaning no wristband will be needed at all. The Electronic pincode lockers can be fitted with coin / creditcard or token payment.
  • RFID – Waterproof wristbands can be used to lock and unlock the lockers safely with a. Aside from that wristbands could be integrated be for other payments such as food and drinks. Eurolockers will gladly assist you with this integration.


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